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Declaration of the 10th ECOSY Summercamp in Savudrija

Changing Europe – Changing the world

After the electoral victory of the socialist and social democrats in France, Denmark, Croatia and Belgium and upcoming elections in Germany, Italy, Nethlerands a new future is appearing for Europe. We need to put an end to neoliberal politics which led us into the current crisis. Cutting down the welfare state and strict austerity measures are not the solution. Young people are often the first victims of wrong policies that only increase the precariousness of life. Neither Conservatives and Liberals nor populists and technocrats are able to formulate an answer to the crisis. It is up to the socialist, social democratic and progressive movement to give the right answers for a social Europe. We need to empower people to fight for their rights.

Closing ceremony of ECOSY 2012

We need more solidarity and justice

Fighting the Financial crisis – reject austerity

We need to have equal social standards for every person in each and every member state, as we do believe independent from nationality, people have a right to the same social security. That means we need to agree to minimum standards at a European level. It is urgent that European countries develop a common defintion of what unemployment aid, pension level and minimum income˙they want. Nastavite sa čitanjem